Artists Statement

As an artist my goals have been to give my paintings the power to call spirit back from the landscape and into our human souls. As a psychiatrist (from the Greek = soul healer) I have been able to delve deeply into the workings of the human mind and explore its impact on consciousness. As a painter of landscapes, I have drawn my knowledge from my psychiatrically ill patients, the experiences of friends and colleagues who share an interest in expanded states of awareness, and from my personal work with modern day Shamans. This knowledge has enabled me, while traveling in those natural power places sacred to the indigenous peoples of the world, to find the presence of mind necessary to experience those moments of ecstatic consciousness in which nature and spirit are one. I hope to communicate this experience through the juxtaposition of vivid colors, subtle and not so subtle blends of brilliant blues, reds, oranges, purples and greens, tangible textures and compositional elements which transport the viewer emotionally and visually into the cool tranquil canyons with expansive skies under the blazing sun. A degree of genetic talent, fine teachers and a professional level of commitment have assisted me in this endeavor.